Access Card Integration

This is customized integration to existing Access Card machinery. This integration helps mapping events taking place on Access Card machines with that of releasing or blocking outgoing call privileges of employees. It helps in ensuring that there is no misuse of long distance calls from any of the telephone instrument when people quit the premises.

When the person comes in the morning to office, the moment he/she swipes or shows his card to Access Card machine, he is registered into Access Card. This registration is picked up instantly by PBX Administrator module (there is a separate section on this module) and forwarded to PBX so that the outgoing call privileges are made available on the employee phone by the time person reaches office desk. Similarly when the swipes or shows his access card while leaving the office in the evening, the instructions are picked up from Access Card Server and forwarded again to PBX so that outgoing call dialing facility is blocked.
During office hours similar actions are taken when person goes out and comes in for office work.

Benefits of deployment

  • Controls the misuse takes place after office hours
  • Ensures that telephone calls statements are accurate and no complaints received from any employee on the ownership of calls made

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