Authorization Code Handler

This is additional daughter module to base Web enabled PCoreView 3.0. It is deployed where the authorization code created in PBX (with great efforts) once in a while leaks and others misuse it. The module prevents people to use the leaked authorization code for longer period.

The module facilitates department head to issue new set of authorization codes to his team. From his desktop he/she can simply choose the option and new authorization codes will be created and forwarded to PBX through PBX Administration module described below.

While creating new authorization codes, software ensures that these codes do not exist in the database; and they are not repeated while creating. Once the codes are registered in PBX, the mails are sent to every individual informing them the change in their authorization code.

Even user can change his authorization code from his desktop. A program which authenticates the user offers a user interface where person needs to enter the old authorization code followed by the new authorization code.

It is possible to set a schedule to change the authorization codes of selected extensions at regular intervals, say once in month. The schedule will invoke a process at the end of month where new authorization codes will be prepared and forwarded to PBX and the mails are sent to individuals. When people come to office on 1st of the next month they will have mail on their account.

Benefits of deployment

  • Secures the authorization code against its misuse
  • Saves time and efforts of a person who does laborious job of entering the authorization codes under PBX maintenance program
  • Offers freedom to every individual to change their authorization code as and when they wish to.

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