When employees access office PBX telephone lines from their residence to make long distance calls, it is necessary to add these calls to their office telephone usage statement. This module merges calls made from residence using office lines with that of calls made from their office instruments.

When such calls are made, PBX sends different set of call events as the call progresses. For example, when they dial office, there is an incoming call which is logged on one of the telephone line, and then they access one of free telephone line to make outgoing call. When the outgoing call is disconnected, the outgoing call is registered on the telephone line. Now when outgoing call takes place; there is no trace of caller. At this juncture; the module establishes link between these two call events and based on the caller’s/employee’s Authorization Code, it processes the call accordingly.

There is a report showing these calls with incoming CLID next to dialed phone number. All DOSA calls are mapped to respective employees. The employee-wise report shows these calls along with the calls dialed while they were in the office.

Benefits of deployment

  • Offers consolidated statement of telephone usage showing calls made while in the office and calls made from residence using office telephone lines.
  • Reflects the business communication against personal communication done from residence
  • Provides an idea on amount of business communication takes place after office hours

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