HRM Bridge

This bridge establishes connectivity between PCoreView3.0 and the Human Resource Management (HRM) database of an organization.

This is one of the important modules when it comes to bigger organization setup, say having more than 300 employees. In such setup, it is nearly impossible to update every move and changes taking place in organization hierarchy in call data analysis. The net result is over period of time call data analysis goes out of sync with the shape of the company and results are haywire.

This bridge establishes connectivity with HRM database and picks up every smallest move takes place in the database. For example, addition of new employee, deletion of an employee details who leaves the organization, shifting employee from one department to another, or one region to another region, etc. It immediately updates its own picture of organization and ensures that subsequent call records are maintained as per the latest view.

Benefits of deployment

  • Ensures that picture of organization hierarchy in call data analysis always remain in sync with reality
  • Saves efforts of a person updating such moves and changes manually into call data analysis.
  • Maintains the accuracy of call data analysis
  • Call records are shown under correct heads so no complaints received from the employee about their telephone call statement.
  • Builds trust on the analysis produced
  • Call monitoring mechanism runs by itself since laborious task of updating employee configuration is automated.

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