As part of integrated solution to call centers; sometimes we need to actively work on third party solution ourselves. One such example is editing of call flow of PBX built-in IVR application.

In situation, where customer calls and call lands on built-in IVR and during the initial interaction customer is asked to authenticate by asking to enter the unique ID offered to him/her. When such ID is entered it is authenticated by IVR before proceeding to next. Once authenticated the caller the call is diverted to one of the free agent from the group. At this point when call lands on the agent’s phone, customer expects the caller’s information covering name, address, background, and last correspondence to flash on agent’s computer who is attending the call.

It means the pop-up application which shows the customer information will have to know the caller details. To achieve the expectations, the built-in IVR should handover the customer ID to pop-up application the moment ID is verified. In such scenario, it is necessary to change the flow of built-in IVR which we are in a position to do provided the call flow of IVR is scriptable and offers open interface. It is possible with some vendors; with other vendors the IVR implementer is in a position to provide ID as and when it is required.

Once he ID is captured, it is searched in the database. The details which are captured from the database are shown on agent’s computer by the time call reaches agent’s extension and starts ringing.

Benefits of deployment

  • Improves the efficiency of agent since the details of a customer with whom he/she is going to deal with are in front of him before even attending the call
  • No need to enquire with customer about his identity and background
  • Helps in keeping conversations short and sweet, hence agent can handle more calls during duty hours
  • Customers can feel the personalized touch to the service when he realizes that person attending know him/her by name and has an idea about previous correspondence.

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