Merge Phone Billing

This is an add-on module to base of call billing software. It helps in adding the mobile phone records of employees to the existing database. This way one can have consolidated view of telephone expenses of office PBX phone and mobile phone provided to the employee.

The merging of mobile phone records with existing database takes place when the softcopy of mobile phone bill is copied under the specified folder. This copy operation takes place as and when the bill is received from Mobile Phone Company. The moment bill is copied, it is picked up immediately by this module, interpreted appropriately (by filtering unwanted records) and updated to the common depository of call records.

These call details are treated as different call type. Once updated to common depository, most of the base modules explained above facilitate viewing call information on screen or printing them in any of the report format available under respective version. Under the Query option you just need to specify the Call type of these calls and submit the Query. The calls will be filtered and the call records will be appeared on the screen in a format as specified.

The module accepts most of the billing formats available with Telephone Companies and it is flexible enough to quickly incorporate new formats.

Benefits of deployment

  • Provides complete view of communication usage of a person
  • Analyzes Mobile phone usages against the Landline usages. In case if you have fixed commitment for PRI lines and if your usage is far too low you can inform employees to make more calls on Landline instead of using mobile phones for outgoing calls
  • Provides comparison of calls made using mobile phone during office hours and non-office hours.
  • Provides view on long distance International or National calls and the cost as against local calls and its cost using mobile phone.
  • Provides view on probable personal calls and official calls made using mobile phone.

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