PBX Administrator

This is additional daughter module to many base modules: PSwitchView, PSchedule, PMailer, Budgetor, PCoreView2.0, and CoreView3.0.

This module communicates with PBX and carries out desired changes in the configuration of PBX. For example in following situations PBX Administrator will forward necessary instructions to PBX.

  • When a new employee joins the organization, the name and his extension number is forwarded to the PBX
  • Employee’s authorization code and his dialing privileges are forwarded to the PBX
  • When a new authorization code is reissued to the employee, the same is forwarded to the PBX
  • When the total communication cost exceeds allocated budget the cancellation of outgoing call privileges are forwarded
  • When the add-on budget is offered, the instructions are given to PBX to release the outgoing call facility on the extension or authorization code
  • After office hours forwards instructions to PBX to block outgoing call dialing facility on selected extensions, and the instructions to release the facility in the morning before office starts
  • Forwards instructions to release outward dialing when the person swipes his card to enter into office in the morning or blocks outward dialing when the person leaves the office in the evening

Mainly, the changes are related to change of Class of Service (COS), or Class of Restriction (COR), introduction of new Authorization Code, deletion of existing Authorization Code, etc.

Benefits of deployment

  • Keeps the call traffic monitoring system in sync with the PBX database.
  • Produces accurate results as configuration of monitoring system remains always in sync with PBX configuration.
  • Saves efforts of a person to update the PBX configuration for every change in company hierarchy. A delay in this process could make the configuration out of sync with reality which results in faulty analysis
  • Maintains the confidentiality of Authorization Codes since the codes keep changing at fixed intervals
  • Controls the misuse since outward dialing facility is not readily available on telephone instruments

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