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This is thin client based solution for managing and controlling communication expenses of all the branches from central location. The setup at each location is somewhat similar to PCoreView 2.0 except that there is no program at client’s end; it is just a web browser from which you can access the link. You can access the software from any computer on the same intranet.

At central location, there is a Web Server dedicated for serving requests raised from various clients. The same computer also holds the database of call records from all the location.

Supervisor can decide the profile of each user. The profile contains the rights to access various components of the software. For example, department head will be able to view call information of people from his department and not anybody else from his organization. Similarly; a particular user will have access to his call information and he can not see anybody else’s information. One department head will have access to 3 reports whereas other department head will have a ccess to 5 reports, etc. On demand user can see his last 50 calls including latest one or he can see his total calls and cost since beginning of a month.


Benefits of deployment

  • The software can be accessed from any computer from office intranet.
  • No need to depend on anyone for preparing and printing telephone call details statement. You just need to reach any computer within company premises.
  • The User Profile per user restricts the logged in user to access the areas of the software where he/she is permitted. For example, an individual person will be able to view only his/her call information whereas department will be able to see call information of his team members.
  • Everyone can see their call information live on their own computer. The call information flashes on their computer the moment they disconnect the call.
  • The expenses on communication spent by an individual or a department since beginning of a month also flashes on the screen once the person logs into the system. This figure is updated at the end of every call.
  • The setup facilitates monitoring Incoming calls with their Calling Line Identifications (CLID) and durations spent by individuals.
  • The setup facilitates monitoring Intercom calls for duration spent by two individuals of the company.
  • The setup will inform every individual their position of communication expenses as against available communication cost budget. The figures will be updated on concluding every outgoing call in a real time mode.
  • The setup can be accessed from anywhere in the world provided a link to this setup is made available on the homepage of company’s website.
  • It offers a report showing Telephone Company wise communication expenses. This comes handy especially when you have telephone lines from more than one Service Providers.

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