PCoreView is a solution for monitoring and controlling the telephone expenses of 2 or more locations from a central location.

The suite comprises of 3 products:

Data Acquirer (each location)

The Data Acquirer at each location acquires data from local EPABX, filters unwanted information, adds necessary source identification stamps, stores the copy on the local disk, and finally forwards the formatted data to central location.

Data Processor (central location)

Data Processor at central location periodically processes the collected data of all the locations in cyclic manner.

Data Analyzer (any location)

Data Analyzer offers user interface to access the processed data of various locations in the form of call records or nicely formatted reports.


The implementation of Data Acquirer and Data Processor supports all software and hardware issues related to the network. When the network is down for any reason, Data Acquirer holds the information in a local buffer and forwards the same when the computer running Data Processor is visible i.e. network is up.
The Data Processor logs error at central location if any other location stops forwarding data for any reason. It also shows, for each location, elapsed time since last call details received.

Listed below are few of the prominent features and advantages of PCoreView:

  • Monitors remote location’s telephone usage from central location
  • Needs to maintain and manage single call analysis software for all the locations
  • Offers smooth integration of computers located at each location to central computer
  • Provides log of activities between location computer and central computer
  • Buffers the call data on the local computer if network link between location and central location is down for some reason
  • Uploads the buffered data automatically once the network link is restored

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