SMS Solutions

SMS Solutions computer based system, wherein individualized or bulk messages can be sent and receive immediately on mobile devices. All you need to do is to select the recipient or group, type the message and the message gets sent immediately. The Application uses SMS router for sending/receiving messages, the router can also be connected to EPABX for inbound/outbound calls.

Z.GSMS GOLD 11.3 software is designed to maintain the incoming and outgoing SMS details. The software pops – up a new SMS notification on all active clients of Z.GSMS GOLD Server on the screen at the bottom right corner of the computer screen.
Z.GSMS GOLD – Available in Desktop version & LAN version


GSM Router

Gaytes GSM Provided SMS Application, our Windows based, Client / Server enabled GSM based-messaging solution, provides the industry’s highest level of capacity, reliability, scalability and flexibility.


Web based using gateway

Gaytes launch of customized web based SMS gateway solutions for organizations in the region. Organizations that need to communicate via SMS to their clients and prospects can directly send personalized SMS messages from their web site. Clients can buy SMS messages in bulk and through economies of scale, we are happy to provide cost effective.

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