Syntel Neos


The NEOS is a new age – all in one – IP Ready, Digital & Wireless/GSM EPABX that makes technology work for you in more ways than you can imagine. The core strength of the product lies in even a layman getting enabled by the system to exploit all the benefits that are unique to NEOS alone! This is enhanced further with a true digital experience inbuilt into the basic system at no extra cost, something no other PBX in the market can truly claim to deliver today. While the end user considerations are just a small part of the entire scheme of benefits that the NEOS offers; the user organization also stands to gain not only in terms of productivity leaps but also monetary profits!

Some Highlights

  • 8 Port Auto Attendant
  • Internal Voice Prompts
  • CLI based Routing
  • Auto Fax Detection
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Mini CRM Software
  • Trunk & Extension Budgeting
  • Call Billing
  • Hotel Features
  • Proprietary HMS Software
  • …and many more.


3S – Upto 80 Ports
6S – Upto 128 Ports
16S – Upto 258 Ports

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