Unified Contact Center Suite

Syntel’s Unified Contact Center Suite addresses complex Outbound and Inbound Contact Center requirements using all possible communication channels: Voice / Email / SMS / Chat / Social Media

Contact Center Features

  • Modular , Scalable and Configurable Architecture
  • External Database Interface (Data Upload and Allocation)
  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) – ANI-DNI Based / Skill Based / Round Robin
  • DNC Registry Support
  • Customized Campaign Management
  • Configurable Call Disposition
  • Script Management
  • Real Time Monitoring / Supervisor Control
  • Screen Pop Ups – Query based / Caller ID based
  • Soft Phone functionality in Agent Application
  • Call Statistics : Answer Time, Talk Time, Hold Time, Wrap up time calculation
  • CRM Integration or Customized CRM Application
  • CRM Page for Data Entry on Agent Screen
  • E-Mail Alerts and Notifications
  • Online Monitoring of Voice Logs for Quality Checks / Proactive Actions
  • Thin Client Support for Agents

Voice Logger

Voice Logger is a tool for recording conversations / interactions. A voice logger is an integral part of any communication system and can store voice files in multiple formats.
Depending on the nature of business, there can be various reasons for maintaining call records. Some of them could be;

Policy compliance,
Quality assurance,
Government regulations,
Contention resolution,
Process evaluation,
Data mining and
Personnel training

Voice Logger is a user friendly, easily installable and low maintenance product which can be integrated with any PBX / Voice Server using either Analog or PRI Trunks.


  • Trunk / Extension Side Recording
  • Advanced Call Retrieval System
  • Compression: ADPCM / A-Law / U-Law and other compression formats.
  • Storage: On Hard Disk
  • Search Options: Date / Time, Channel ID, Phone Number, Call Type (Incoming, Outgoing etc.)
  • Retrieval / Replay Options: Local, Over LAN
  • System Security: The user required a password to log into the system
  • Message Play Facility: User can play messages by double clicking on it or by clicking the play button.
  • Message Deleting: The system provides facility of deleting messages before specified date.
  • System Warning Message: The system will flash a warning message on the screen, e.g. Backup drive is full or System storage space exceeds pre-set level of the allotted space etc.
  • Backup and Restore Facility: The system provides back-up facility directly on CD or DVD and restore facility for the logged data.
  • Reports: System Administrator can view detailed “Recorded Calls Report” for each channel both incoming or outgoing calls over or desired period of time.

Interactive Voice Response System


  • Configurable Call Flow and Routing Algorithm
  • Group wise Call Transfer – Support for Multiple Groups
  • Agent Login–Logout and Break Functionality – Answer Time / Talk Time Calculation for Each Call
  • Wait Queue Management
  • Option to Record Message (in case of large waiting duration) and to Forward the Recorded Message immediately as E-Mail after Recording
  • Situation based Welcome Messages for Office Time / After-office Time / Holidays
  • Auto Reporting through E-Mail
  • Thin Client Support for Agents
    • Dialers


      Syntel offers multiple dialing applications:

      Preview Dialing: Numbers are uploaded in the system. Agent will have the list of numbers to be dialed. Agent will select the number / customer to be dialed out.
      Progressing Dialing: List of numbers will be uploaded in the system and system will dial the number one by one automatically and transfer to the agent.
      Predictive Dialing: System will dial multiple numbers against one agent based on the configuration for unknown database.
      Voice Blaster (Auto Dialer): List of numbers is uploaded in the system. System will dial numbers and play messages based on each number data. Message will be formed individually for each number and played out. This does not need any manual intervention.
      Manual Dialing: Agent can enter the number in the window and dial on a click.

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