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Variants in Call Accounting domain for Hospitality segment

Voice Mail Integration for Hotels and Hospitals The product comprises of Voice Mail (VM) application, Interface to Hospitality Management Software (HMS), and Interface to PMSI port of PABX (PMSI). These three modules work in sync with each other to ensure the seamless operation between person checking at Front Desk and its effects on Voice Mail […]

This software is scale down version of PMSI Bridge. It bridges PBX CDR Stream with call records database of local Property Management Software (PMS). It establishes real time connection between the PBX and the database. As soon as someone disconnects the telephone call, the information is picked up immediately from the PBX, processed for cost […]

This is customized integration to existing Access Card machinery. This integration helps mapping events taking place on Access Card machines with that of releasing or blocking outgoing call privileges of employees. It helps in ensuring that there is no misuse of long distance calls from any of the telephone instrument when people quit the premises. […]

This is a small add-on available under Control Desk. It offers facility to print a PIN code on preprinted stationary and issue them as coupons to guest or patients. Using the code printed on the coupon a person can make calls from any telephone instrument from premises. The person need not be in his room […]

PMSI – Control Desk with integration to local Property Management Software The PMSI Control Desk is the tool to integrate PBX with local Property Management software. It works as a bridge between the two entities. On one side, it smoothly establishes communication with local PMS and on other side it establishes communication with PBX over […]