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Variants in Call Accounting domain for Office segment

When employees access office PBX telephone lines from their residence to make long distance calls, it is necessary to add these calls to their office telephone usage statement. This module merges calls made from residence using office lines with that of calls made from their office instruments. When such calls are made, PBX sends different […]

This is an add-on module to base of call billing software. It helps in adding the mobile phone records of employees to the existing database. This way one can have consolidated view of telephone expenses of office PBX phone and mobile phone provided to the employee. The merging of mobile phone records with existing database […]

This bridge establishes connectivity between PCoreView3.0 and the Human Resource Management (HRM) database of an organization. This is one of the important modules when it comes to bigger organization setup, say having more than 300 employees. In such setup, it is nearly impossible to update every move and changes taking place in organization hierarchy in […]

This is additional daughter module to many base modules: PSwitchView, PSchedule, PMailer, Budgetor, PCoreView2.0, and CoreView3.0. This module communicates with PBX and carries out desired changes in the configuration of PBX. For example in following situations PBX Administrator will forward necessary instructions to PBX. When a new employee joins the organization, the name and his […]

This is additional daughter module to base Web enabled PCoreView 3.0. It is deployed where the authorization code created in PBX (with great efforts) once in a while leaks and others misuse it. The module prevents people to use the leaked authorization code for longer period. The module facilitates department head to issue new set […]

This is thin client based solution for managing and controlling communication expenses of all the branches from central location. The setup at each location is somewhat similar to PCoreView 2.0 except that there is no program at client’s end; it is just a web browser from which you can access the link. You can access […]

PCoreView is a solution for monitoring and controlling the telephone expenses of 2 or more locations from a central location. The suite comprises of 3 products: Data Acquirer (each location) The Data Acquirer at each location acquires data from local EPABX, filters unwanted information, adds necessary source identification stamps, stores the copy on the local […]

Instrumental in controlling telephone cost by allocating fixed budget to every individual and restricting the usage within allocated budget. PBudget implements budget based cost control monitoring for every individuals, departments, and companies. PBudget facilitates assigning cost budget to every individual, department, and company. Different cost budgets for local, STD, ISD, and mobile calls can be […]

Instant, independent, and, paper-free PSwitchView report distribution. A watchdog, informs status on the health of PSwitchView, and excessive usage instantly. Do not prepare your PSwitchView reports! Receive them as email in your Inbox. PMailer works as an Information Bridge between PSwitchView and telephone extension owner. It provides information of various call events (outward, inward and […]