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Variants in Call Centre domain

The ACDView provides online scenario of various activities happening in a call center. It establishes communication with PBX over ACD port or over CTI Link. This port once configured in PBX provides event by event information of each and every incoming call. The analysis provided in ACDView depicts the picture in terms of number Calls […]

TS-Dialer is a solution that facilitates Caller/ Agent with Customer Information & advance functionality for ease of communication. This ultimately improves standard of customer service & Agent efficiency. TS-Dialer offers required analysis to monitor Agent’s Performance, Call Traffic, Campaign wise Agent performance, etc For identification agent needs to login. During the duty hours Agent can […]

Voice Mail PVoiceMail (PVM) Voice Mail Integration for Hotels and Hospitals PVoiceMail (PVM) PVoiceMail is a Voice Mail system specially designed for office segment where incoming caller deposits message for a person who is not reachable on phone at that moment. It is a collection and retrieval box for such messages. When the person realizes […]


As part of integrated solution to call centers; sometimes we need to actively work on third party solution ourselves. One such example is editing of call flow of PBX built-in IVR application. In situation, where customer calls and call lands on built-in IVR and during the initial interaction customer is asked to authenticate by asking […]

PAudium Classic-An Audio Tank The PAudium is a Windows based telephone voice recorder system. It comes as a hardware and software Combo. The unit offers 2 to 256 hardware ports to terminate your telephone lines. The types of lines are; conventional telephone line (Analog), Analog or Digital Extension of PBX, and one or multiple PRI […]

This is your computerized phone available on your desktop. It offers almost all the features of conventional phone available in the market. The backend scripting facility in Soft phone and Operator Console applications leaves a scope for quick customizations/additions for specific customers. Examples of such customizations Integration to common database where customer details are stored. […]

This is fully featured Soft Operator Console. It works on the CTI Link and offers almost all the features of conventional Operator Console. The product exhibits the advantages of computation power of your computer by way of many additional features which otherwise are rarely seen in conventional Operator console. features 1 Mapping CLI with the […]

Call Information Popup (Call center application) is a suite of three products: PopServer DBClient PopClient It is useful for call centers where Agent can see the incoming call information on his computer while the call is ringing on his extension. While in conversation, agent can feed additional information based on his conversation. The entered information […]

This is an add-on module to most of basic Call Data Analysis releases. It provides the real time view of communication traffic of the organization throughout day. It reflects the picture of office communication, the way business happens on communication. The business activities in terms of incoming calls received and outgoing calls made on hour […]