Traffic Analyzer

This is an add-on module to most of basic Call Data Analysis releases. It provides the real time view of communication traffic of the organization throughout day. It reflects the picture of office communication, the way business happens on communication.

The business activities in terms of incoming calls received and outgoing calls made on hour by hour basis throughout day. It shows how the existing communication resources (number of telephone lines and extensions) are being utilized is it under utilized or utilized to the maximum. It informs either you have excess resources or you run short of resources at specific hours of day, a result of which you may be loosing some business.

One of the pictures shows hour by hour total utilization of existing resources as against its available time. This is useful to understand where you stand on the stock of resources.
There are total 22 pictures, the graphs, out of which it is possible to have any 5 graphs on the screen refreshing live i.e. call by call update. Just staring at these pictures provides lot of information on the communication traffic. No need of touching keyboard.

Benefits of deployment

  • Provides effortless view of office communication, no need to touch the computer, just look at the monitor.
  • Gives an idea on utilization of existing communication resource, if need be either you curtail if you find it excess or add new if you find it insufficient.
  • Let’s you know most busy users or departments just by looking at the screen.
  • Provides view on the pattern of incoming and outgoing calls on hour by hour basis.


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